Family and Life Resources

Suggested Resources for Pre-Marriage, In Marriage, Parenting, Relationships and Family life generally. Go to these websites. You will find marriage and parenting resources for you and your families.

  1. Focus on the family: Essentials of Marriage (
  2. FamilyLife Ministry: Dennis and Barbara Rainey (
  3. FamilyLife Ministry: The Art of Marraige small group series:
  4. Emerson Eggerichs: Love and Respect Ministries
  5. Name Canada:
  6. Gary Chapman: Love Languages
  7. Gary Thomas: Sacred Marriage
  8. Greg & Erin Smally: Ready to Wed Engaged Couples Toolkit (Can be found at focus on the family too)
  9. Gary & Barbara Rosberg: FamilyLife Today Co founders of International Ministry America’s Family’s Coaches (3-5 are marriage resources)
  10. Power to change ministries (
  11. Campus Crusade online store (