Message: The Power of Bended Knees



[TEXT – ISAIAH 40:31, 1ST SAMUEL 1:16 AND 17]

Pastor EstherAghahon

When we talk about bended knees, we mean surrendering all in prayers to God.

Prayer is talking to God and hearing from Him. Most times, we talk to God but hardly give him the quiet opportunity to talk back to us.

Also, prayer means fellowshipping with God. Prayer is the greatest Christian asset. Prayer is the spiritual link and divine connection to God.

Jesus said men ought to pray and not faint (Luke 18:1). Satan understands the power of prayer, and as such has made the prayer lives of Christians his number one target of attack. Remember, satan thrives on ignorance.

In 1st Corinthians 16:9, Apostle Paul says a great door is opened before you and I but there are adversaries or opponents. In verse 13, he concluded that in the midst of distraction you must be alert, brave, strong and stand firm in faith. These adversaries and obstacles are to be overcome on our knees to advance or make progress.

Many women are facing challenges because they lack knowledge of the word of God. They are unable to apply the word of God on satan’s tricks. “Psalm 49:13 says pray for wisdom and understanding from God to fend for your family”. Jesus grew in wisdom and stature.

Let us make prayer a priority. Consciously pray and your day will proceed smoothly and joyously. It does not matter the length of time your knees are bent, it is a period of being in God’s waiting room, a period of preparation for greater days or miracles.

God honours a prayerful woman. As a woman, try to use the power of God in you. Women are incubators; your womb is an incubator. Your womb incubated Jesus. Nothing you ask on your knees that He will not do for you.

Hannah remained in God’s waiting room to redeem her dream of becoming a mother. In 1stSamuel 1:16-17, “the name Samuel means because I asked of the Lord”.

Many women are too busy to bend their knees to pray because of the cares of this world and the hustle and bustle of society. Many are living by the beautiful gate but not reflecting the beauty of the gate. Daughters of the Holy One, take back your glory from the hands of the enemy on your bended knees.


  • Severe persecution
  • Difficulty in redeeming your dream
  • Delay in child bearing
  • Delay in marriage
  • Poverty in the light of great success
  • Difficult spouse
  • Enemies posing as friends
  • Uncompleted projects etc


  • Define your expectation. In 1Samuel 1:11, Hannah asked for a son. In the same tune, always be specific in your asking.
  • Pray in praise and worship
  • Pray with determination
  • Exercise patience, though it tarries, it must come to pass
  • Keep hope active, avoid negative confession.


  • Maintain fellowship with God and you will become a friend of God.
  • When you pray, you get God’s divine direction on issues you are praying for (Acts 13: 2 – 3).
  • You experience open doors and breakthrough.
  • God will open your spiritual eyes to see His divine plans for you (Jeremiah 33:3).
  • Prayers bring about divine empowerment. A prayerful woman is a powerful woman.
  • Prayers move mountains.
  • You become spiritually developed.
  • You have divine wisdom.
  • Your faith in God is built up.
  • You become a miracle worker.
  • When you pray, power is released (James 5:16).


Strife, malice, un-forgiveness, negative confession etc can hinder answer to prayer.


  • The word of God in “Hosea 4:6 says my people perish for lack of knowledge”.
  • Faith – trust in God. Faith gives value to our prayers. When you pray, refuse to see the obstacles/impossibilities but focus on the answer.
  • Fasting.
  • Holiness – Avoid lying, oppression, cheating, bitterness, hatred etc.


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