Raising a godly Home

Suggestions for raising godly heritageĀ 

  1. Make bible study a priority in your home.
  2. Collaborate with your husband to ensure that bible study and prayer time is a priority and fun time in your home.
  3. Support and encourage your husband to direct bible study in the home.
  4. Never nag or resent your husband if he is not as proactive as you want him to be about this special time. Encourage every step he takes and respect him.
  5. Love and respect your husband and show it to your children.
  6. Bring bible study to their level of understanding and use live issues common to children of their age as examples during Bible study.
  7. Do not be taken back by the questions they may throw at you. It is healthy and safe. You will rather have them talk to you than learn from outside. Pray and apply godly wisdom.
  8. Have an open door policy and open communication with your children.
  9. Be firm and consistent in your discipline and never disrespect your spouse in your childrenā€™s presence.
  10. Apply godly discipline and this does not exclude spanking or taking privileges away if & when necessary.
  11. Be a godly role model to your children by walking the talk.
  12. Begin to emphasize the importance of relationship with God, good education and a healthy godly friendship from a young age. Do not become overprotective. You are not God. God will teach them His ways. Be involved in their academic programs, sports or whatever interest and talents God has given to them.
  13. If you can afford it, enroll in education plan for them and if not, prepare them to work to assist in their education cost.
  14. Prophecy on your children every time, on their birthdays and on other special occasions.
  15. Be vigilant with who you allow them to associate with when they are children and guide and direct their association with friends when they are turning teenagers.
  16. Tell them you love them many times during the day. Create time to listen to them. Eat on the family dinning table often.
  17. Listen to godly teachings on how to raise godly children and read godly resources on this topic. Listen to your AM Christian channel e.g. Charles Price; Focus on the family, etc.
  18. Teach them your culture and language and help them speak your language.
  19. Cook food from your culture and teach them to cook them too.
  20. Teach them accountability, responsibility, integrity, honesty and the fear of God.
  21. Pray and fast for your children and with them.
  22. When they are young adults, be reasonable to respect their opinions even while setting boundaries for and with them. Ensure to balance these. Guide them prayerfully.
  23. Build healthy relationship with godly women who have walked this journey and have evidence of the fruit of the spirit in their lives.
  24. Never give up even when the result is not looking positive and you know you have followed the right path. God will bring all prodigal children back home (Amen).