Who is a Woman and Why did God create Woman?

At the end of today’s examination of the scripture, it is my hope that  we would all grow in our knowledge of why it is that God has placed us here on earth, His destiny for us as an individual and the purpose of all women world-wide. I pray that the knowledge we gain here today will be invaluable and fundamental to our walk with the Lord and the pursuit of our heavenly inheritance.

Let us look at Genesis 2: 18-24

There was a lack. Man was lonely. It was not good for man to be alone. God created us to be man’s helper, to meet his every need, body mind and soul, so that we might both grow together in spirit and in truth, that we might encourage one another and spur one another on in all things. And that we might more fully in our finite minds understand the inner workings of God and His role in our lives.

If God had not brought us out of man, we would not be drawn man to woman and woman to man as we are. We would not have the need or the desire for each other as we do. We are to each other a missing piece of the puzzle in one another’s lives and God is the one that binds the two pieces together. It takes all three of us in unity, working together as one whole.

It is in woman’s nature (for we are created this way), to be a comforter. Just as the Holy Spirit who is the comforter was brought to man, so also was woman (Eve) brought to man (Adam). God did this to help know our role & what we were created for. But most importantly, is verse 25, “And the man and his wife were both naked and were not ashamed”. Christ is the husband and the Church is His bride. One day we will all stand before the Lord and He will lay us all bear to examine us and bear Himself to us so that we may know Him more intimately than we ever could in our earthly bodies. 1 Corinthians 11:8 – 12

God is the God of Love and we who are created in His image must mirror that love in our being and our lives. You cannot love if you have no one to share it with. God wanted a being that would love Him in return of his own freewill and for this reason we are created with the gift of choice. God loves us so much and without expecting anything in return and we are commanded to do the same. We are to love one another without expecting anything in return. When love is well tended, properly cared for and nurtured, it springs forth a mighty garden for all to enjoy.

God gave man and women to one another that we might in the physical, experience the intimacy of God and are able to cherish and value that which cannot be bought at any price. In our lovemaking, we imitate Christ’s spirit intertwining with ours, drawing us ever closer to His heart, becoming one with us. In our bearing children we bring forth a physical manifestation of the fruit of our love. They are a constant reminder of our closeness, our love, of God taking both halves of us and himself being the glue, joins those two halves together, producing through our children the whole that we with our husbands have become. Our children in their neediness for care and attention, discipline and correction, teaching and training remind us that our love, one to another, and our love of God and God for us require these very things for it to thrive and live, without such as these we would all perish and die. Without such as these our children perish in a life of sin, rebellion towards authority and selfishness, caring for none but themselves, they are unable to genuinely love others. They are firmly on the path that leads to death in spirit and flesh

Up until now, it may seem that my focus is geared towards married women with children. But there are a great many beautiful young women in Christ who are yet unmarried or who do not have children. Let me reveal the other side of the coin for you to help you see where you are in Christ, for you are precious in His sight.

Let us read Psalm 45: 9 –15

For unmarried women it is God who fulfills both the role of God and the role that will later be filled by your husband when the Lord brings him along. He also provides you with spiritual headship and fellowship within the body of Christ so that you receive all the support and guidance you will need to press on in the Lord. It is a good thing for a woman to desire a husband, to desire a man to fill the role of headship.

We are all daughters of the King, married or unmarried, the older and married women must take great care in our instruction to you that when your training is complete, God’s expectations of you might be fulfilled in every area of your life. You who do not have a husband as of yet, it may be that you yourself are not fully prepared to be a wife and mother, or you are just too young. Whatever the case may be, yours is a position that is to be greatly desired. As chief among all things, you are free in the things of the Lord. You may throw yourself headlong into the work of God, able to do His work night and day without constraint. He is your headship and your covering. He can deal with you directly and He will provide you with physical headship to watch over you so that you may not be alone and easily misled. He will provide you with counsel and wisdom from elders in the Lord who will pray for you and guide you in the truth and help you in your search for wisdom. He may even provide those of you who are not yet at a stage of maturity where you are able to thrive in the Lord with just spiritual headship with earthly parents who walk with Him to continue the nurturing care and development that is vital to you as a young woman in the Lord in gaining a full knowledge of how the Godhead functions.

As an unmarried woman, your submission is to God and those He has or will place in authority over you as your covering and protection.

So let us all praise the Lord for the place each of us have in life as a wife, a mother, or unwed woman. All are acceptable and pleasing in His sight if we walk with Him and allow Him total access to our full being. Allow Him who sees you as all-glorious and beautiful within to bring forth in you that which He alone sees for now and in time will be seen by all around you. “It’s no longer I that live, but Christ that lives in me.” He is our champion, our Lord, and our King. Let the Master Sculptor begin to mold and shape you.


This is a story that puts a beautiful touch on the reasoning:

When I created the heavens and the earth, I spoke them into being. When I created man, I formed him from the dust of the Earth and breathed life into his nostrils. But you, woman, I fashioned after I breathed the breath of life into man because your nostrils are too delicate. I allowed a deep sleep to come over him so I could patiently and perfectly fashion you. Man was put to sleep so that he could not interfere with the creativity. From one bone I fashioned you. I chose the bone that protects man’s life. I chose the rib, which protects his heart and lungs and supports him, as you are meant to do.” “Around this one bone I shaped you. I modeled you. I created you perfectly and beautifully. Your characteristics are as the rib, strong yet delicate and fragile. You provide protection for the most delicate organ in man, his heart. His heart is the center of his being; his lungs hold the breath of life. The rib cage will allow itself to be broken before it will allow damage to the heart. Support man as the rib cage supports the body.” “You were not taken from his feet, to be under him, nor were you taken from his head, to be above him. You were taken from his side, to stand beside him and be held close to his side. You are my perfect angel. You are my beautiful little girl. You have grown to be a splendid woman of excellence, and my eyes fill when I see the virtue in your heart. Your eyes: don’t change them. Your lips: how lovely when they part in prayer. Your nose so perfect in form, your hands so gentle to touch. I’ve caressed your face in your deepest sleep; I’ve held your heart close to mine. Of all that lives and breathes, you are the most like me.” “Adam walked with me in the cool of the day and yet he was lonely. He could not see me or touch me. He could only feel me. So everything I wanted Adam to share and experience with me, I fashioned in you: my holiness, my strength, my purity, my love, my protection and support. You are special because you are the extension of me.” “Man represents my image, woman – my emotions. Together, you represent the totality of God. So man: treat woman well. Love her, respect her, for she is fragile. In hurting her, you hurt me. What you do to her, you do to me. In crushing her, you only damage your own heart, the heart of your Father and the heart of her Father. Woman, support man. In humility, show him the power of emotion I have given you. In gentle quietness show your strength. In love, show him that you are the rib that protects his inner self.”